Nanbu Sakaya Uta National Tournament

Shiwa Town

Central Iwate

Late April 2024

*The details for 2024 will be announced later.

We will promote the fact that Shiwa Town is the birthplace of Nambu Touji throughout the country, and strive to pass down and popularize the Nambu Sakaya Kisuri Uta and Nanbu Sakaya Nagashi Uta, which have been sung as sake brewing work songs. A national competition for Nanbu Sakaya Uta aimed at revitalizing the country. Participants will be divided into five categories and perform their songs.

028-3305 Furudate Community Center (77 Takashimizu, Shiwa Town)
Late April 2024 10:00~Opening
Shiwa Town Hall Industry Department Commerce and Tourism Division
Phone number 019-672-2111
free entrance

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