Oshu Mizusawa Kukuri Doll Festival

Oshu City

Southern Iwate

2024/2/28~2024/3/3 10:00~16:00

*The details for 2024 will be announced later. Kukuri Hina, a traditional culture that has been passed down in the Mizusawa region since ancient times, will be exhibited to the public in time for the Doll's Festival in March. The name ``Kukuri Hina'' is unique to the Mizusawa region, and nationwide it is called ``Oshie''. It came to be called ``kukuri hina'' because the word ``kukuru'' means wrapping cotton in cloth in dialect. The origin of Kukuri Hina dates back to the mid-Edo period. In addition to the Dairi Hina dolls, there are various other types such as historical figures, ukiyo-e prints, and customary dolls, and a few still exist in old houses in Mizusawa Ward, and efforts are being made to pass them on mainly to the Mizusawa Kukuri Hina Preservation Society. I am.

Maple 1st floor special venue (2-1 Mizusawa Yokomachi, Oshu City), Oshu City Samurai Housing Museum (43 Yoshikoji Mizusawa, Oshu City), Mizusawa Tourism and Products Center 2nd floor event hall (2-10 Mizusawa Nishimachi, Oshu City)
2024/2/28~2024/3/3 10:00~16:00 (No closing days during the period)
*Early March every year
(One company) Oshu City Tourism and Products Association
Phone number 0197-22-7800
Admission fee Free viewing

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