Shigariwaki Shrine Annual Festival (Akaishi Shrine – Hizume Autumn Festival)

Shiwa Town

Central Iwate

2024/9/1st Friday - 2024/9/1st Sunday

The annual festival is held on the grounds of the shrine and in the center of town, and various performing arts are performed. There are four floats that parade through the town, and each one is worth seeing. Also, the mikoshi (portable shrine) made entirely of cypress made in Kyoto during the Kansei era is gorgeous. The shopping street in the center of town is crowded with many food stalls.

1 Honmachi Kawahara, Sakuramachi, Shiwa-machi, Shiwa-gun, Iwate 028-3307
2024/9/1st Friday - 2024/9/1st Sunday
Akaishi Shrine Festival Council
Phone number 019-672-2304

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