Tendaiji Hydrangea Festival

Ninohe City

Northern Iwate

Early July 2024

The hydrangeas at Tendaiji were planted by Jakucho Setouchi, the honorary chief priest, who divided them from Kyoto when he became chief priest in order to revive the temple grounds, which had fallen into disrepair. On the day of the hydrangea festival, we will plant hydrangeas for the first 50 people who attend, and each attendee will receive a souvenir. (Ends as soon as supplies last) There will also be a shop set up. [Best time to see hydrangeas] From mid-June to late July, we will be accepting applications for haiku contests, photo contests, etc.

33 Miyamakubo, Joboji-cho, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture (Tendai-ji Temple)
Early July 2024
Hydrangea Festival Executive Committee (Ninohe City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Joboji Branch)
Phone number 0195-38-2416
Hydrangea planting 10:00~Reception

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