Food Festival in Kanegasaki

Kanegasaki Town

Southern Iwate

Early November 2024

An annual event held by Mefre Co., Ltd. and Iwate Prefecture Minami Fruits and Vegetables Market Co., Ltd. In addition to a large raffle with no blank lottery tickets, a mock auction, and a tuna butchering show, there will be plenty of fun to be had, including a sale of fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits that can only be found at the market, product sales by participating stores, and a food and drink corner!

210 Rokuhara Shimoninomachi, Kanegasaki-cho 029-4501 Mefre Co., Ltd. Outdoor special venue
Early November 2024
●Hours: 9:00-13:00
Mefre Co., Ltd.
Phone number 0197-41-9111FAX number 0197-41-9125
Admission fee free

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