Gomaibashi Winery

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Gomaibashi Winery is located in Iwate, which is known for its apple production, and makes wine using apples. Through thorough fruit selection, you can enjoy a very clear apple taste. In addition to apple wine, they carry dozens of wines from Austria, which is where they learned winemaking and is the origin of their own winemaking. In addition, you can sample apple wine in the store, and we also suggest compatibility between wine and food.

1-18-52 Morioka City Gate 020-0823
Business Hours
Route 1: Morioka Station → [25 minutes by bus] Sanbonyanagi Gongendo bus stop → [10 minutes on foot] Gomaibashi Winery

Route 2: Morioka Minami IC → [10 minutes by car] Gomaibashi Winery
Gomaibashi Winery
Phone number 019-621-1014
FAX number 019-621-1019

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