Roadside station “Hayachine”

Southern Iwate

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

The roadside station "Hayachine" is located at the foot of Mt. Hayachine and overlooking Lake Hayachine.

In addition to rest facilities, there is a corner exhibiting records of exchanges with sister city Berndorf, Austria, the Osako Yamamura Cultural Exchange Center, a park, and a corner selling specialty products.

10-30-114 Uchikawame, Osako-cho, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate 028-3201
Business Hours
9:00-17:30 *Closed in winter
Tuesdays, late November to mid-April
Route 1: Shin-Hanamaki Station → [20 minutes by conventional line] Ishidoriya Station → [50 minutes by bus] Roadside Station "Hayachine"

Route 2: Hanamaki IC → [50 minutes by car] Roadside station “Hayachine”
Phone number: 0198-48-5018
Others *Toilets are available all year round
Parking lot: 52 regular cars, 8 large cars, 5 people with disabilities
Toilet: Disabled toilet available

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