Michikusa no Eki *On-site sales only

Kuzumaki Town

Central Iwate

We travel to sell simple Japanese sweets made by local mothers, such as Mameshitogi (green beans and black beans), mugwort daifuku, mugwort mochi, ohagi, dengaku mochi, and wheat dango. We also sell seasonal vegetables such as wild vegetables.

Egari No. 2, Kuzumaki-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture (processing plant)
Michikusa no Yume
Phone number 0195-66-3616
FAX number 1995-66-3625
・Monday Annex Kawatoku
・Wednesday Joyce Tsukigaoka store
・Friday Shopping Mall Arco
・Saturday Roadside Station Kuzumaki Kogen *Dengaku Mochi
・Sunday Home Center Kanbun *Dengaku Mochi
*May be closed in some cases.

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