tradition garden

Tono City

Southern Iwate

Curved houses, waterwheels, folk tales, gods, customs, and local cuisine. Denshoen is a facility that preserves the lifestyle culture of the Tono people that was commonplace in the past, and passes it on to future generations. Experience the original scenery of Japan's hometown with your eyes, ears, skin, and tongue.

At the restaurant, you can enjoy local cuisine such as ``Hitsumi'' and ``Keiran.'' Densoen's ``Hittsumi'', which uses plenty of chicken bones, has a rich and refreshing taste, and is very popular with locals.

6-5-1 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi-cho, Tono 028-0555
Business Hours
9:00-17:00 (Admission reception is 16:30)
Dining room use 11:00-16:00 (last order 15:30)
*The cafeteria is temporarily closed until the end of March 2020.
No holidays
Adults: 320 yen; Elementary, middle and high school students: 220 yen
Contact name: Denshoen

Phone number: 0198-62-8655

FAX number: 0198-62-0164
*Due to store renovation work, the cafeteria will be temporarily closed from September 2020 to the end of March 2020.
Tours and shops at the Denshoen Garden are open as usual.
Parking lot: 100 regular cars, 8 buses (free)
Restroom Sawayaka restroom attached to the parking lot
Dining facilities Dining room
Shop selling souvenirs

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