Kazuo Kikuta Memorial Hall/Festival Tradition Hall (Esashi City Tangible Cultural Property)

The two red brick storehouses used as memorial halls were built by Zenjiro Ohara in the late Meiji period. Tozo was used as the Kazuo Kikuta Memorial Hall, and when Kikuta and his family evacuated to Esashi, the view from the inn was the red roof of the Meiji Kinen Hall (then Iwayado Town Hall) with its pointed hat. We are exhibiting materials from his life and works, with a focus on materials from ``The Hill Where the Bell Rings''. As a ``Festival Tradition Museum,'' Saizo exhibits materials on festivals and local performing arts passed down throughout the city, centering on the ``Esashi Jinku Festival'' and ``Summer Festival.''

3-1 Odori, Esashi-ku, Oshu, Iwate 023-1111
Business Hours
Tuesdays (the next day if Tuesday is a holiday), New Year holidays
Contact name: Kazuo Kikuta Memorial Museum

Phone number: 0197-35-9800

FAX number: 0197-35-9800

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