Surisawa Hachiman Shrine

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

According to the outline of Hachiman Shrine, it was built in May of the 17th year of Kan'ei era, rebuilt in August of the 3rd year of the Jokyo era, and rebuilt in August of the 13th year of the Kyoho era, and is an outstanding structure with excellent design. In addition, the ``Hachiman Shrine Monument'' in the precincts states that Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, who had a difficult time in the War of the Nine Years, prayed for Hachiman Shrine in Yamashiro and was victorious in battle, so the shrine was built and enshrined here. The main hall is a cultural property designated by the prefecture, and houses the town-designated cultural properties, such as the Warabite sword and the armor of Surisawa Hachiman Shrine.

〒029-0523 Surisawa Yahatamae, Daitocho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
Surisawa Hachiman Shrine (Miyakozawa)
Phone number 0191-75-2884
*Reservation required
Route 1: Ichinoseki Station → [44 minutes on the conventional line] Surisawa Station → [5 minutes by bus] Daitocho Municipal Bus, Ohara Line, Kamiuchino Line via Omori Pass Yawata-mae bus stop → [5 minutes on foot] Surisawa Hachiman Shrine
Route 2: Ichinoseki IC → [40 minutes by car] Surisawa Hachiman Shrine

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