Glasses Bridge

Tono City

Southern Iwate

The JR Kamaishi Line's nickname ``Meganebashi'' is an arch bridge with five semicircles connected, and its official name is ``Miyamorigawa Bridge Ryo''. The Iwate Light Railway, the predecessor of the JR Kamaishi Line, is said to have become the motif of Kenji Miyazawa's fairy tale "Night on the Galaxy Railway." Megane Bridge is illuminated in green and orange during the spring, summer, and winter tourist seasons. It invites passersby to a world of fantasy. In April 2009, it was certified as a sacred place for lovers.

〒028-0304 Near "Roadside Station Miyamori" Shimomiyamori, Miyamori-cho, Tono City, Iwate Prefecture
(One company) Tono City Tourism Association
Phone number 0198-62-1333
FAX number 0198-62-4244

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