Mishōji Temple

Hanamaki City

Southern Iwate

A temple where Kenji Miyazawa's grave is located. The main hall is located near Gindoro Park and is located at the top of a narrow stone staircase. Kenji's funeral was held at Anjo-ji Temple (Otani sect of Jodo Shinshu sect), but it is said that he was later reinterred at Mishō-ji Temple. The tombstone is located at the back of the main hall, and it is said that fresh flowers will never run out. In spring, the weeping cherry blossoms on the grounds are spectacular.

389 Ishigami-cho, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture
Hanamaki City Commerce and Tourism Division
Phone number 0198-24-2111
FAX number 0198-24-4410

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