Morioka City Protected Garden “Ichinokura House”

Morioka City

Central Iwate

"Ichinokura House" was designated as a protected garden in 1971 based on the Morioka City Natural Environment and Historic Environment Conservation Ordinance. This garden and building have a long history, having been built in the late Meiji period by Morioka-born politician Hiroshi Abe (member of the House of Peers and governor of Tokyo). It was later transferred to Mr. Ichinokura and acquired by Morioka City in 1992, and even today it still gives us a glimpse of the past.

In addition, the Ichinokura residence, which is located in Abedate, which has deep ties to the Oshu Fujiwara clan, has Chusonji lotus plants divided, and you can enjoy beautiful lotuses from late July to early August.

19-64 Abedatecho, Morioka 020-0126
Business Hours
Mondays and Tuesdays, 8/10-8/20, New Year holidays (12/25-1/15)
Ichinokura House Management Preservation Committee
Phone number 019-646-1817
FAX number 019-646-1817
Ichinokura residence homepage

*Due to limited parking, we recommend using public transportation.

[Summer] Lotus late July to early August

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