Kakitsubata community on the mountain shore

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Kakitsubata is also the flower of Morioka City.
This colony is located in Taihei, a mountain bank about 4 km northeast of the city, along National Route 455, which connects the city and Iwaizumi.
During the flowering season, refreshing blue-purple flowers bloom all over the 931-square-meter grounds, and they stand out against the yellow-green leaves, making for a spectacular sight.
There is also an arbor and parking space on the premises, making it a relaxing spot for citizens.
It is a prefecture-designated natural monument, and conservation efforts are being actively carried out.

Flowering/early June to mid-June

Morioka City Yamagishi Taihei 12
Morioka Tourism and Convention Association
Phone number 019-604-3305
FAX number 019-653-4417
[Summer] Kakitsubata early to mid-June

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