Rock Ironware Museum

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Since its founding in 1902, Iwachu has continued to preserve and pass on traditional techniques, producing over 1 million pieces of Nambu ironware each year. While preserving tradition, they also strive to create new traditions that meet the needs of the times, and a wide variety of Nanbu ironware products are exported not only domestically but also overseas, mainly to Europe. The Iwachu Ironware Museum is a theme park-style factory where you can see the actual work process, including an exhibition gallery of Nanbu ironware.

2-23-9 Minamisenboku, Morioka 020-0863
Business Hours
Tuesday, 12/31, 1/1
Free admission
Rock Ironware Museum
Phone number 019-635-2501
FAX number 019-635-5248
Parking lot: 20 buses can be parked

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