Honshoji Temple

``What will happen? The movements of the heavens and the earth, the individual behavior of human beings, etc., are nothing more than a leaf in the autumn breeze. Let it be. That's what Musashi thought.'' Yoshikawa begins with this passage. The first draft of Eiji's ``Miyamoto Musashi'' was written at Honshoji Temple in 1930. From Morioka Minami on the Tohoku Expressway to your destination via the prefectural road, take National Route 106 to Miyako. 10 minutes by car from Miyako to Honshoji Temple (near Municipal Atago Elementary School).

2-6-29 Atago, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture 027-0092
Miyako City Tourism and Port Division
Phone number 0193-62-2111
FAX number 0193-63-9120
Since it is not a tourist facility, there are restrictions on its use.

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