Roadside Station “Sanriku” Sanriku Furusato Bussan Center

Ofunato City


The Sanriku Furusato Bussan Center, located in the blessed natural environment of the Sanriku coast along National Route 45, sells not only seafood such as abalone, scallops, sea urchin, and seaweed, but also agricultural products and processed marine products. Japan's first persimmon soft serve ice cream is popular for its rich flavor.

〒022-0101 95-27 Ekikirai, Sanriku-cho, Ofunato City, Idodoro
Business Hours
◆Store/Fresh fish/9:00-17:00
◆Fast food/9:00-17:00
◆Dining room/11:00-15:00
Open all year round
Sanriku Furusato Products Center
Phone number 0192-44-3241
FAX number 0192-44-2883

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