Saito Sachiko Memorial Museum

Miyako City


Sachiko Saito was born in Shirasawa, Yahaba-cho in 1889. My family, the Omura family, was a family of teachers, and one of my ancestors was a famous man named Jigohei Omura, who was a gunnery instructor for the Nanbu domain. In addition, many of her siblings and relatives were literary figures, and Sachiko spent her childhood in an environment that fostered her rich sensibilities. After graduating from normal school, Sachiko devoted herself to the career of a female teacher, which was rare at the time. Although she herself had the heavy responsibility of getting married and having children, she devoted herself passionately to education, and even taught opera to local youth at night school, contributing to the improvement of local culture. At the same time, she devoted herself to writing songs for self-actualization, posting them in various places and gaining attention as a female poet. However, the more Sachiko tries socially, the more dissonance arises in her home life, and Sachiko finds herself in a dilemma between dreams and reality. However, Sachiko never gave up her passion for singing, and even on her deathbed, she never let go of her singing notes.The story of her life, written in her singing notebook, continues to touch our hearts even more than 60 years after her death. . (Died June 22, 1930, age 37) The memorial hall built in Etsuna, the place where Sachiko Saito was last posted, introduces the life of Sachiko Saito, a poet of poor fortune who was known as a female Takuboku. I am.

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