Takuboku Bokyo Hill

Morioka City

Central Iwate

To commemorate the souls of the Takuboku couple, a statue of Takuboku Bokyo was erected on the top of the rocky mountain, Takuboku Bokyo Hill, overlooking the local mountains and rivers. The statue faces his hometown, Mt. Himekami, and is engraved with one of Takuboku's favorite poems, ``In autumn, I listen to the insects that fill the three fields at the foot of Mt. Iwate.'' Nearby, a ``couple poem monument'' of a poet and his wife was erected, one of a kind in Japan, and Takuboku's ``When I see the mountains of my hometown far to the north through the train window, I straighten my neck,'' and his wife Setsuko's ``Hikari.'' Two poems are engraved on it: ``From the faint sound of crickets in the evening, the arrival of autumn, and the embrace of my heart.'' The two of them, both young and only in their 20s, fell ill due to poverty and passed away one after another, and now they are gazing at the mountains and rivers of their hometown in the form of songs.

52 Iwayama, Shinjo, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
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Route: Morioka IC ⇒ [30 minutes by car] Takuboku Bokyo no Oka

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