Frey Island Ozaki Misaki

Ofunato City


A tourist and recreational facility located at Cape Ozaki. Surrounded by a forest and 2,500 camellia trees, it has bungalows, a barbecue house, and a campsite, as well as ball game facilities, a forest plaza, and walking trails. Additionally, you can use the general information facility's multipurpose room and shower room. From the 4km road that goes around the cape, you can see the Goishi Coast and Anadori Beach on the opposite shore.

188-7 Torisawa, Akasaki-cho, Ofunato-shi, 022-0007
Business Hours
Open all year round
Frey Island Ozaki Misaki Management Office
Phone number 0192-27-4478
FAX number 0192-27-4478
Route 1: Ichinoseki Station → [125 minutes on the conventional line] Ofunato Station → [25 minutes by bus] Bus Nagasaki Line Shimotakonoura bus stop → [10 minutes on foot] Frei Island Ozaki Misaki

Route 2: Ichinoseki IC → [120 minutes by car] Frei Island Ozaki Misaki

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