Ono Campus

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate

It is a core facility for creating and revitalizing the town's industry and lifestyle culture as a base for ``creating a village where each person has one talent.'' Experience learning, creating, playing, and eating at craft workshops (woodworking, sakiori, glass, pottery), lodging facilities, health baths, park golf courses, animal interaction centers, and direct-from-farm facilities (Yuki Center), where you can learn, create, play, and eat. This is an experiential tourism zone where you can experience how crafting enriches your life and your soul. There are plenty of restaurants, including Restaurant Green Hill, Woody House Restaurant, and Ono Food Hall. (*Photo shows Hitsumi set meal from Ono Food Hall)

58-12-30 Ohno, Hirono-cho, Kunohe-gun 028-8802
Business Hours
Ohno Industrial Design Center
Phone number 0194-77-3202
FAX number 0194-77-3203
●Reservation required for groups using the experience workshop
Ohno Park Golf Course : 0194-77-4389 (Fax)

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