Pretty tree museum

Miyako City


A complete exhibition of the forest resources, history, and lifestyle culture of the cute Kawai area of ​​Miyako City. Without constructing any new buildings, we designated the Miyako City Kawai General Office and the Kitakami Mountain Folklore Museum as the main building, and designated 16 characteristic forests in the Kawai area as branch libraries. Would you like to take a walk with a ``Tree Museum Guide'' and be healed in a forest that nurtures eternal life?

2-186-1 Kawai, Miyako City 028-2302
Business Hours
Opening period: April 1st to November 30th every year
Opening hours: 9:00-16:00 (Admission until 15:30)
every Monday
Guide fee
Guide: 7,000 yen for one day, 4,000 yen for half day
Guide: 10,000 yen for one day, 8,000 yen for half day
Miyako City Kawai General Office Industrial Promotion Division Phone number 0193-76-2165 Fax number 0193-76-2042

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