Shiki line and Shiki’s haiku monument

Nishiwaga Town

Southern Iwate

The area where National Route 107 currently runs along Lake Kinshu was once described by haiku master Masaoka Shiki as ``a place of unparalleled beauty in the neighboring countries.'' It was named the Shiki Line after that. There are also monuments of Shiki's haiku in the town. ``Hot springs in the mountains and the Milky Way above the naked sky'' ``While you can see the village of the crows and the setting sun'' ``A mountain inn with the autumn breeze and the appearance of people'' There are three monuments with haiku in the town, which form the Shiki Line. The closest location is in front of Hottoyuda Station.

One yen of Nishiwaga-cho, Waga-gun, Iwate Prefecture
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