Gando Lake Family Travel Village

Morioka City

Central Iwate

A family travel village was opened in June 1981 on the north side of Lake Iwado, said to be the most beautiful man-made lake in Japan, so that groups centered on families could easily enjoy nature. The travel village has a ``campground'', ``festival plaza'', ``children's plaza'', ``picnic plaza'', ``promenade'', and ``tennis court'', and in 2000, an auto campsite complete with sanitary house was opened. Additionally, the annual Iwado Lake Festival is held in late September, where you can enjoy local Yabukawa soba and tankaku beef.

33-4 Kamebashi, Yabukawa, Morioka 028-2711
Business Hours
Open every day during the period
Auto campsite: 3,000 yen per section (1,000 yen per section for temporary use), AC power 500 yen
Gando Lake Family Travel Village
Phone number 019-681-5235
FAX number 019-681-5235
[Winter contact information] Morioka City Tamayama General Office Industrial Promotion Division/TEL: 019-683-3852

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