Jiro Kuji

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Jiro Kuji, who was born in Aomori Prefecture and spent his childhood in Morioka City, was invited to Morioka Junior High School's baseball team and became a catcher. After entering Waseda University, he continued to play an active role in the baseball club, and after graduating, he joined the Hakodate Ocean Club, a corporate team. At the Japan-America Baseball Tournament held in 1933, he played against Babe Ruth and other members of the American selection team, and as a catcher, he had a good lead over pitcher Eiji Sawamura. In 1939, he died after being hit in the head by a thrown ball. Even today, the Kuji Award is established as a fighting spirit award in intercity baseball.

2-2 Motomiya Jaiyashiki, Morioka 020-0866
Morioka City Ancestor Memorial Hall
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