Nomura Kodo

Shiwa Town

Central Iwate

A novelist and music critic from Shiwa Town. His real name is Choichi Nomura. After leaving the law department of Tokyo Imperial University, he joined the Hochi Shimbun Company. Active as a writer since 1930. He is also a leading researcher of senryu and ukiyo-e. He has published more than ten music reviews under the pen name "Ara Ebisu". In 1963, he established the Nomura Gakugei Foundation with 100 million yen of his own personal funds, which contributed to scholarship funds and research grants. Author of the novel ``Zenigata Heiji Torimonoche.''

193-1 Kuretsubo, Hikobe, Shiwa Town
Nomura Kodo/Ara Ebisu Memorial Museum
Phone number 019-676-6896

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