Roadside station “Noda”

Noda Village

Northern Iwate

A roadside station attached to Rikuchu-Noda Station on the Sanriku Railway. As the bronze statue of the Ushikata (Ushikata) transporting salt with oxen in front of the village shows, salt production was once popular in the village, and during the feudal period, the Ushikata carried the salt on the backs of their oxen on a road called the ``Salt Road'' from Morioka to Akita. carried through. Inside the museum, there are models showing how salt was made, as well as salt making tools such as colanders and vats, which convey the hardships faced by people at the time. Another popular item is ``Nodashio Beko no Michi'', which is made using traditional methods. There is also a farm-fresh corner next to the restaurant, which is popular for ``Noda Shio Ramen,'' and the local product store, where fresh vegetables, seafood, and local flavors are sold.

〒028-8201 Noda Village Oaza Noda 31-31-1
Business Hours
Restaurant 11:00-15:00
Tourist Product Center 9:00-18:00 (April-October), 9:00-17:45 (November-March)
Restaurant Paapuru: Every Wednesday, year-end and New Year holidays
Tourist product center: 9/30, New Year holidays
Tourist product center Paapuru
Phone number 0194-78-4171

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