Sanriku Ofunato Goishikaigan Rest House

The first floor of the rest house has a shop selling local souvenirs and crafts, and the second floor is a dining room with a capacity of 200 people.
Our famous Sanma Ramen, Hama Ramen with plenty of seafood from Sanriku, and bowls with a selection of salmon roe, sea urchin turnip, scallops, and other seafood are also popular.
In addition, Ogawa Cleaning (mainly cleans linen for hotels and inns),
Frey Island Ozaki Misaki (accommodation, camping, barbecue house), etc.
We provide local food and entertainment. Please feel free to come by! !

221-68 Ohama, Suesaki-cho, Ofunato-shi, Iwate 022-0001
Business Hours
*Dining room/11:30-14:30
Irregular holidays
Phone number: 0192-29-2121
FAX number: 0192-29-2180
●Ichinoseki IC⇒Rikuzentakata⇒Ofunato (about 90 minutes via Daito)
●Hanamaki IC ⇒ Towa IC ⇒ Ofunato (about 80 minutes from Towa IC using National Route 283/45)
●Miyako⇒Kamaishi⇒Ofunato (about 80 minutes using National Route 45)
●Shizugawa⇒Kesennuma⇒Rikuzentakata⇒Ofunato (about 80 minutes using National Route 45)
◆About 10 minutes by car from Goishi Kaigan IC to Goishi Kaigan

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