Sakura Park Himegami

Morioka City Sakura Park Himegami was founded by the "Furusato Tamayama-kai," which was made up of residents of the metropolitan area who were originally from the former Tamayama Village.
In response to the donation of 10,000 Oyamazakura seedlings, the project was carried out over two years in 1998 and 2011.
The hometown Tamayama Association and local residents planted trees in the Hito area to create ``Japan's No. 1 Oyamazakura Village,'' a famous cherry blossom viewing spot.
Through outdoor activities such as recreation in rural areas, we contribute to the health and rest of citizens, and
This is a park facility established to promote interaction between citizens.

36-64 Hito Ubagai, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0201
Business Hours
April 1st - November 30th
Phone number: 019-683-3852
FAX number: 019-601-5349
*Tamayama General Office Industrial Promotion Division

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