Yabuya Hanamaki main store

A ``famous wanko soba'' restaurant founded in 1923.
For Hanamaki's Wanko Soba, the waitstaff serves you one bowl at a time and stacks the bowls in front of you. If you reach 100 cups, you will be certified as a ``Yokozuna.''
It is said that Kenji Miyazawa also liked to order ``tempura soba and cider'' at the restaurant he patronized. When Kenji Miyazawa was a teacher, he called the school ``BUSH'' (meaning ``bush'' in English) and often brought his younger brother Seiroku and other students there.

7-7-17 Fukiharicho, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture 025-0078
Business Hours
10:30-18:00 (Last order/Meal 18:00, Wanko Soba 17:30)
*Banquets available after 6pm
Monday (closed on Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Phone number: 0198-24-1011
FAX number: 0198-22-3141