Senmaya Ice Arena

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

Senmaya Ice Arena opened in 1994. Hundreds of townspeople come to enjoy skating on Saturdays and Sundays. Behind this popularity is the history of the handmade skating rink 20 years ago. It can be used as a multipurpose hall during the summer.

360-14 Senmaya Kamikomaba, Senmaya-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate 029-0803
Business Hours
◎Skating rink: 10:00-20:00 (December-March)
◎When not used as a skating rink: 8:30-22:00
(May to October)
Monday (the next day if Monday is a holiday), 12/31, 1/1
Adults 600 yen, High school students 500 yen, Junior high school students and under 300 yen
Route 1: Ichinoseki Station → [60 minutes on the conventional line] Senmaya Station → [2 minutes by bus] Senmaya Bus Terminal bus stop → [5 minutes on foot] Senmaya Ice Arena

Route 2: Ichinoseki IC → [65 minutes by car] Senmaya Ice Arena
Senmaya Ice Arena
Phone number 0191-52-4568
FAX number 0191-52-4568
*In case of absence, please contact Senmaya Gymnasium TEL 0191-52-2369

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