Educational Field Trip

Have an Inspiring Experience in Iwate and Nurture Your Zest for Life! The essence of the Japanese hometown remains strong in Iwate.

Located in the northeastern part of Honshu, Iwate Prefecture boasts the second largest land area in the country after Hokkaido. Iwate is blessed with nature from its abundant forests, expansive highlands, to stunning coastlines.
In addition, there are landmarks and historical sites related to history and culture scattered throughout the region, including sites related to great figures such as Kenji Miyazawa, and three World Heritage Sites: Hiraizumi, the Hashino Iron Mine, and the Goshono Ruins.
Furthermore, in coastal areas, you can learn the experiences and insights gained in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Iwate Prefecture offers educational field trip programs that take advantage of this nature, history, and culture. Through these experiences and interactions with local people, we aim for students to engage in learning that is independent, interactive, and meaningful.

Educational Field Trip Materials