Hiraniwa Kogen Independence Trail (Forest Boardwalk)

Kuji City

Northern Iwate

Hiraniwa Kogen Independence Trail (Forest Boardwalk)

By nailing boards to the rails, we will create a wooden walkway that is considerate of the natural environment and allows people in wheelchairs and the elderly to walk through nature on their own. You can freely write messages and pictures on the board.

learning effect
By building a wooden path, you can not only extend the distance, but also foster a good understanding of barrier-free conditions and a sense of consideration in the process of building it.

message to teacher
Independence Trail is all handmade. Please join us in creating a boardwalk that connects and extends the thoughts of many people.

basic information

Access: 60 minutes by bus or car from JR/IGR Iwate Numamiyauchi Station

Contact information: Hiraniwa Sanso (Hiraniwa Kogen, Yamagata-cho, Kuji City)

Phone number: 0194-72-2700


Homepage: http://hiraniwa.com/

Experience menu

Experience menu Content period Number of people Time required Fee
Hiraniwa Kogen Independence Trail (Forest Boardwalk) Create a wooden walkway by nailing the boards to the rails. May to November No limit 30-60 minutes 1,500 yen per person (tax included) *Includes board fee