Iwate Tourism Omotenashi Master (Hospitality Experts)

The Iwate Prefecture Tourism Association established the "Iwate Tourism Omotenashi Meister" certification system in 2007. This program aims to certify employees, staff, etc. of tourism-related facilities and organizations, with the goal of cultivating personnel capable of welcoming visitors with omotenashi (hospitality).
Individuals who are ready to assist guests in Iwate with a spirit of omotenashi and a wealth of knowledge about tourism. They are what we call "Iwate Tourism Omotenashi Meisters." Under this system, certification is granted exclusively to individuals possessing substantial work experience, trust, training, and a proactive mindset.


Employees of tourism-related facilities, staff of tourism-related organizations, etc. in Iwate

  • Employees of Accommodation Facilities
  • Employees of Tourism Facilities
  • Employees of Souvenir Retail Facilities
  • Employees of Tourism-related Organizations
  • Employees of Municipal Tourism Associations
  • Tour Guides from Volunteer Tour Guide Organizations
  • Employees of Non-profit Organizations

Forms such as Reports for Iwate Tourism Omotenashi Meisters

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