Ainosawa Campsite

Takizawa City

Central Iwate

Ainosawa Campsite, located at the foot of Mt. Kurakake and just below Mt. Iwate, is a comfortable campsite with parking and water facilities. You can also enjoy stargazing in the clear nature.

114-7 Ukai Adachi, Takizawa 020-0685
Business Hours
All year round
*During the winter, the kitchen and disabled toilets will be closed to prevent freezing.
Contribution money available (100 yen for climbers, 500 yen for campsite users)
Route: Morioka IC → [30 minutes by car] Ainosawa Campsite
Takizawa City Tourism and Products Division
Phone number 019-684-2111
FAX number 019-684-5479
*If you wish to use the service, please contact the following by the day before.
Takizawa Nature Information Center
TEL019-691-6555 *Bonfires are not allowed. *We do not allow pets.

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