Kurikoma Golf Club

Kanegasaki Town

Southern Iwate

This is a 27-hole course that takes full advantage of the natural topography, including scattered ponds and gently undulating fairways. Nagaoka Onsen, which is adjacent to the clubhouse, can also be used as a lodge. Event period: April to early December

6-44 Nagasawa Ishimochizawa, Kanegasaki-cho, Isawa-gun, Iwate 029-4504
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [10 minutes by conventional line] Kanegasaki Station → [10 minutes by taxi] Kurikoma Golf Club

Route 2: Mizusawa IC → [15 minutes by car] Kurikoma Golf Club
Kurikoma Golf Club

FAX number 0197-44-2119

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