Iwatemachi Blueberry Tourist Farm

Iwate Town

Central Iwate

Iwate Town, which boasts the largest shipment of blueberries for processing in Iwate Prefecture, has opened five blueberry tourist farms within the town where you can actually pick blueberries for yourself. Blueberries have recently attracted attention as a functional food that is good for the eyes because they contain large amounts of anthocyanin pigments. It also contains a lot of flavonoid polyphenols, dietary fiber, vitamin C, iron, and calcium.
[Opening in 2023] Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from July 1st (Saturday) to July 30th (Sunday)

Iwate Town, Iwate District
Business Hours
*For times other than those listed above, please contact each farm.
Monday to Friday (open on public holidays)
500g (1 pack) 600 yen
Iwate Town Agricultural Improvement Promotion Council
Phone number 0195-62-2111
FAX number 0195-62-3589
List of blueberry tourist farms
*In 2023, you can experience picking at the following farms.
Chiba Farm (TEL 0195-62-4534)
Kunieda Farm *Sunday only (TEL 0195-62-4861)
Towada Farm (TEL 090-7065-9262)
Matsuura Farm (TEL 080-6008-9960)
Minbuta Farm (TEL 090-5238-7774・0195-62-8626)
[2023 Blueberry Tourist Farm MAP]

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