Matsumoto apple orchard (blueberry picking)

Morioka City

Central Iwate

Matsumoto Apple Orchard produces fruit trees such as apples and blueberries in a field overlooking the mountains of Iwate. In summer, you can experience blueberry harvesting. Additionally, there is a cafe called ``mi cafe'' on top of a small mountain in the park with a great view, and its desserts made with fruits grown in the field are popular.
[Blueberry picking period in 2023] June 29th (Thursday) to late July *May end earlier.

4-12 Kurokawa, Morioka 020-0402
[Blueberry garden]
900 yen for junior high school students and above, 600 yen for elementary school students and below
(Take-out 100g 150 yen *Please bring your own container)
Matsumoto apple orchard
Phone number 019-696-2531
Please inquire in advance about picking blueberries before heading out.List of blueberry tourist farms

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