Kitakami City Rest Forest

Kitakami City

Southern Iwate

A woodworking experience center and athletic play equipment are located within the facility, and nearby are Tenshochi Park, a museum, and Michinoku Folk Village. There are 10 tent sites, 4 cottages for 10 to 15 people, and 3 cottages for 5 or 6 people.

24 Iwaki, Inase-cho, Kitakami City
Business Hours
Open all year round
500 yen per tent site (bring your own), 3000 yen per bungalow (for 5-6 people), 4000 yen (for 10-15 people)
Route 1: Kitakami Station → [10 minutes by taxi] Kitakami City Ikoinomori
Route 2: Kitakami Ezuriko IC → [15 minutes by car] Kitakami Ikoinomori
Kitakami City Rest Forest
Phone number 0197-64-7447
FAX number 0197-62-3884

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