Freshly picked city

Ninohe City

Northern Iwate

Fresh vegetables, pickles, miso, and more delivered directly from the farm with the smiles of rural mothers. During the apple harvest season, a variety of apples are lined up, each being harvested one after another, starting with Sansa in September. ``Fuji'' in particular has a reputation for having a good balance of sweetness and sourness, and their freshly squeezed apple juice made with a variety of apples is also popular.

275 Yatsucho, Kindaichi, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture
Business Hours
Open all year round
Route 1: Ninohe Station → [5 minutes by conventional line] Kindaichi Onsen Station → [8 minutes by taxi] Mogitate City
Route 2: Ichinohe IC → [15 minutes by car] Mogitate City
Contact name: Mogitate City
Phone number: 0195-27-2431

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