Esashi Jinku Festival

Oshu City

Southern Iwate

May 3rd to 4th every year

The Esashi Jinku Festival is a celebration of the 300-year-old Iwayado Fire Prevention Festival, which is a festival with the participation of all citizens. On the day of the festival, in addition to performing dances by the ``Nenshō Ren'' (42 and 25 year olds), 100 dancers dance in unison in the Esashi Deer Dance ``Hyakka Ogunmai.'' Approximately 2,000 citizens dance in Esashi. The entire town gets excited with a variety of events, including the ``Esashi Jinku Grand Parade,'' where people dance Jinku.

Oshu City Esashi Odori Park and surrounding areas
May 3rd to 4th every year
Esashi Jinku Festival Executive Committee (within Oshu City Esashi General Branch Regional Support Group)
Phone number 0197-34-1623
FAX number 0197-35-3476

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