Kitaou Nanya Doyara Tournament

Hirono Town

Northern Iwate

August 18th every year

Nanya Doyara is said to be the oldest Bon dance in Japan, which has been passed down in the former southern territory of northern Iwate, southern Aomori, and northern Akita. On the day of the competition, held on August 18th every year, a large number of spectators watch the event, starting with a street dance performed by more than 1,000 dancers from the Kita-Ou area, on a special stage set up in the playground of Ohno Elementary School. The Nanyadoyara, which is characteristic of each region, is performed gracefully and gracefully, accompanied by songs and drums, and the Nanyadoyara blooms on a summer night in Kita-Ou.

〒028-8802 Ono Elementary School grounds, central area of ​​Ono district, Hirono-machi, Kunohe-gun, Iwate Prefecture
August 18th every year
Hirono Event Business Executive Committee
Phone number 0194-77-2111
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