Ichinoseki City Higashiyama Cultural Festival (Tagawazu venue, Nagasaka venue, Matsukawa venue)

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

Early November every year

At the Ichinoseki City Higashiyama Cultural Festival, there will be a handicraft exhibition, a calligraphy exhibition, a fresh flower exhibition, a painting exhibition, a literary exhibition, a photography exhibition, a senior citizen's club exhibition, a flower arrangement exhibition, a women's group exhibition, a refreshing delivery lecture exhibition, and other exhibitions. I will exhibit my works.
There will also be stage and stage presentations.
*Works by infants, children, and students will be displayed at the Tagawazu venue.

Tagawazu venue (Tagawazu Civic Center), Nagasaka venue (Higashiyama Regional Exchange Center), Matsukawa venue (Matsukawa Civic Center)
Early November every year
Higashiyama Regional Exchange Center
Phone number 0191-47-2243

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