Ichinoseki Summer Festival

Ichinoseki City

Southern Iwate

2024/8/1st Friday - 2024/8/1st Sunday

Ichinoseki's summer festival was held in 1945, in hopes of recovering from the Katsurin and Aion typhoons, and the Ichinoseki Tanabata Festival was revived.Then, in 1941, the Iwai River Fireworks Festival was revived, and the two events were combined into one, which is almost what it is today. It has taken shape. The streets are decorated with a large Tanabata festival in which shopping districts compete to decorate, and there are parades and dance performances with citizen participation. A fireworks display will be held on the banks of the Iwai River to commemorate the victims of drowning.

〒021-0000 Ichinoseki City Omachi Street and others
2024/8/1st Friday - 2024/8/1st Sunday
Ichinoseki Summer Festival Executive Committee (Ichinoseki Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Phone number 0191-23-3434
FAX number 0191-31-3037
★Iwai River Fireworks Festival August 4th (Friday) 19:15~ (Iwai Riverside)
*In case of postponement due to rain, the event will be held on the 6th (Sunday)

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