Tohoku Horsepower Tournament Uma no Sato Tono Tournament

Tono City

Southern Iwate

Late June every year

The Tono region was once prosperous as the ``Nanbu Koma production area'', and in recent years has become one of the prefecture's leading producers of agricultural horses and riding horses. Furthermore, Tono Uma no Sato, which has been developed with the aim of regional revitalization centered on horses, offers horseback riding and other petting activities, as well as breeding and training of racehorses and riding horses (up to 160 horses), and breeding of riding horses and agricultural horses. We are also making improvements. There is also a clubhouse where you can rest and stay overnight, and there is also an 810m trail course in addition to Kakubaba.

Kashiwagidaira, Miyamori-cho, Tono City
Late June 2024 Late June every year
Tohoku Horsepower Tournament Horse Village Tono Tournament Executive Committee
Phone number 0198-62-2111 Fax number 0198-63-1124

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