Oshu Koromogawa Festival

Oshu City

Southern Iwate

Mid August 2024

"Oshu Koromogawa Festival" brings together people's dreams in a historical village. A procession of stone statues, including a parade of mounted warriors played by a 42-year-old mischievous man, a ball throwing competition that everyone from children to the elderly can participate in, traditional performing arts presentations by local elementary schools, brass band performances by local junior high schools, Tsugaru shamisen, and folk song shows. In addition to live performances, Takao Yamada's ``Sabuton Ichiza'', a familiar performer, will be performing.

58-3 Furudo, Kinugawa-ku, Oshu 029-4332 Furudo Shopping Street Special Venue, etc.
Mid-August 2024 13:00-19:30
Oshu Koromogawa Festival Executive Committee (Oshu City Tourism and Products Association Kinugawa Branch)
Phone number 0197-52-3750
FAX number 0197-41-6201

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