Iwate Otsuchi Salmon Festival

Otsuchi Town


Mid June 2024

The “Iwate Otsuchi Salmon Festival” was held for the first time in 2021 and was a great success.
The event is packed with activities such as salmon catching, salmon soup, salmon mixed rice, hands-on events, and seafood sales. This is an event where you can learn about the charm of "Iwate Otsuchi Salmon" while enjoying delicious salmon grown in the mountains and sea of ​​Otsuchi. Otsuchi Town Local Performing Arts Festival will also be held at the same time!

Shinko-cho, Otsuchi-cho, Iwate Prefecture Otsuchi Fishing Port (Umizukuri Memorial Park) *Near Ito Shoten
Mid-June 2024 9:00-14:00 *During light rain
Otsuchi Town Tourism Exchange Association
Phone number 0193-42-5121

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