Hiraniwa Bullfighting Tournament Wakaba Place

Kuji City

Northern Iwate

Mid May 2024

Yamagata Town (formerly Yamagata Village) in Kuji City, which has long been a production area for Japanese Shorthorn Beef, hosts the only bullfighting tournament in Tohoku. Bullfighting in Kuji City dates back to the days of the Salt Road (a road where salt burned on the coast was carried on the backs of bulls over the Kitakami Mountains to the Morioka area). Bullfighting is said to have originated from the butt of the bulls to decide which bull would stand at the head of the Salt Road, and today it is held in Hiraniwa Kogen, Kuji City in the spring, summer, and fall. Please take a look at the powerful corner thrust.

Kuji City Yamagata Town Hiraniwa Kogen Bullring
Mid May 2024 11:00-12:00
Iwate Hiraniwa Kogen Bullfighting Association Secretariat (inside Kuji City Yamagata General Branch Industrial Construction Division)
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Admission fee free

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