Iwate/Sanriku Yamada Festival

Yamada Town


Mid September 2024

This is a typical fall festival in Yamada town that gets the whole town excited, and two festivals are held: the Yamada Hachimangu Shrine Festival and the Osugi Shrine Festival.
The Yamada Hachiman Shrine Annual Festival is a historical and traditional festival of Yamada Hachiman Shrine, which enshrines the guardian deity (Shimizu Kannon) of Tsugunobu Sato, who died in battle in place of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and mikoshi (portable shrines) rush through the town. Osugi Shrine Reitaisai is a festival held at Osugi Shrine dedicated to Ambasama, the god of fishing. It is a must-see to see men carrying portable shrines called ``Oshiogori'' parade into the sea.
In Central Park on the north side of Rikuchu-Yamada Station, a special stage will be set up to perform local performing arts, and stalls will be lined up. It becomes even more lively as it also serves as a stop for mikoshi.

Yamada Town Center
Mid September 2024
(One company) Yamada Town Tourism Association
Phone number 0193-65-7901
FAX number 0193-65-7902
*Details for 2020 can also be viewed here .

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